MAMISCO - Technology of a Manufacture of Building materials from Desalination Wastes

The technology of making building materials, based on the wastes of desalination is an innovative breakthrough in the industry.

MAMISCO (magnesium-mineral-salt composition) is a magnesia concrete, which has the following advantages:

  1. It is produced from desalination wastes. Salt water or salt in the mixture improve concrete propertie
  2. It surpasses its analogues in performance (strength, stability to temperature variations, etc.)
  3. It is highly resistant to impairment in aqueous environment, in hostile environment (sea water), and at the interface between the both.


The actuality of our offer for the customers is due to the following factors:

  1. The number of desalination plants is increasing every year, together with the growing volume of salt wastes.
  2. The uses of the resulting waste (commercial salt) are extremely limited. The need for the balance of the ecosystem does not allow disposal of the salt back in the waters. Disposal of brine is one of the major problems of seawater desalination.
  3. Active development of coastal areas creates high demand for building materials.
  4. The use of conventional concrete is limited to the conditions of construction and operation. High temperatures or corrosive marine environment are destructive for the normal concrete.


Advantages for the customer:

  1. Useful disposal (recycling) of the growing amount of waste is a source of revenue instead of the expenses associated with the disposal of brine in landfills.
  2. Advantageous use of desalination waste for the production of building materials and constructions
  3. Low production costs due to the availability of ingredients
  4. Features of MAMISCO allow using concrete in corrosive environments

Application of the technology

  1. Using MAMISCO as a building material in the regions with a shortage of fresh or desalinated water.
    The greatest danger to conventional concrete is the salt contained in untreated water.  The addition of seawater to MAMISCO does not affect its properties.
  2. Use of MAMISCO in the areas where the material is exposed to the aggressive action of environment: at the interface of water and air and in seawater. For example, in hydraulic engineering and port construction.
    As a result of hardening MAMISCO super-dense rock is formed; on its surface a completely neutral microlayer is produced, it minimizes an external impact and improves the resistance to aggressive environment (sea water).
  3. Using MAMISCO as a building material in the regions with high average temperatures and hot climate.

МAМISCO and concrete: comparison of characteristics

Characteristics ConcreteB25 ConcreteB80 MAMISCO
Mechanical compressive
strength, MPa
25 60 80
Density, kg/m^3 2200 2500 3000
Frost resistance F200 F200 F500
Water tightness W8 W10 W16

*Concrete B25 is the most common in commercial construction. There are more durable types of concrete, e.g., B 60 (60 MPa), but they are used  extremely rarely.

Key elements of the process and device for its implementation are patented.