About Us

ATOMECO Corporation

We are a balanced international team of scientists, engineers and designers – specialists in fields of halurgy, physical chemistry, mining, building sciences and offshore technologies as well as mathematical physics.

Our solutions are always economically competitive and fit for purpose from technical point of view. Safety, efficiency and fitness of resources used are above all.

Our expertise:

  • Developing methods of radioactive waste management, including challenges with immobilization of lots of RAW, tritium LRW and radioactive ash package;
  • Development of marine technologies such as dockyard ecology, waterbed and navigable channels protection from drifts and washouts, wave and sea ice conditions management;
  • Development of new structural materials based on saline compounds for composite and essential offshore structures as well as under conditions of service in aggressive media.

We are professionals in engineering: generation, full-scale concept development and scientific experimentation through comprehensive economic feasibility study, technical and marketing evaluation.


Our Solutions

Radioactive Waste Immobilization

The problem of LRW management takes place in nuclear industry. But if in case of normal nuclear power operation there are “not much” of such wastes, then in emergency, decommissioning or actuator radiation beyond design basis waste volume increases drastically.

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Manufacture of Building Materials from Desalination Wastes

MAMISCO (magnesium-mineral-salt composition) - the technology of making building materials, based on the wastes of desalination is an innovative breakthrough in the industry.

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Wastes Handling

MAMISCO is a technology based on a new formula of the immobilizing material. As the result of MAMISCO hardening with radioactive wastes included into its mineral matrix, a super-dense stone is being generated, whose surface is formed of an absolutely neutral micro-layer, which prevents any diffusion out of the stone’s body.

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Water Treatment Technology

We have developed unique technologies of water treatment, sludge decantation and concentrated brine recovery after its demineralization. As a rule, water ...

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Our Partners

SUE «Vodokanal of St. Petersburg»
Systems of water treatment and water disposal

Atomenergo JSC
Safety of atomic thermal power plants of low power

RosRAO (Russian National Operator for treatment with radioactive wastes)

Development of materials and technologies for an immobilization of liquid radioactive waste, including, polluted by tritium